Look out for…IW Pride Art

There have been so many contributions, support and a lot of hard graft put in by so many people over the last year to make all aspects of IW Pride 2017 happen – and this is the week where you will be seeing the results of this all coming together!

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to work with a diverse range of enthusiastic, creative and supportive people from IW communities on the Pride 2017 Art projects – and this is what to look out for…

Pride Peep board:

IW Pride peep board on Ryde Esplanade train station until 14th July, then near the stage at the Main Arena.

Background: Sponsored by Hover Travel, IW Pride has its very own peep board in the style of the traditional saucy seaside postcards that can be seen in Ryde’s Donald McGill museum. Come and get your photos taken at Ryde Esplanade Station until 14th July, while taking a peek at Joanne Hummel-Newell’s Rainbow Garden on Platform 2. The Pride peep board will be set up next to the stage in the Main Arena on 15th July.

TransVisibility interactive art show:

Interactive art exhibition by IW Breakout Youth, first shown at Quay Arts earlier this year, and on display at the Apollo Theatre, Newport all though Pride Fringe Week.

Background: ‘Open Your Eyes’ was first displayed earlier this year for TransVisibility Day 2017 at Quay Arts, Newport. Over a number of weeks IW Breakout Youth group worked with IW artist Jo Kori to find ways of creatively expressing issues around their visible and invisible identities. Each artwork includes QR codes which, when scanned with your mobile phone, reveal aspects of IW Breakout Youth members as individuals and personalities, beyond the black and white ‘label’ of Transgender. The show also includes their own version of a Transgender timeline.


Wearable sculptures created by Medina College students and Ventnor Youth, worn by redTIE Youth Theatre members in the IW Pride parade, and displayed afterwards on site in the Main Arena.

Background: Starting in late 2016, the character of the Babadook was portrayed in Internet memes as an unlikely gay icon on Tumblr and other social media sites. Despite the absence of overt references to LGBT culture in the film, fans and journalists generated interpretations of queer subtext in the film that were often tongue-in-cheek, but occasionally more serious, highlighting the character’s dramatic persona, grotesque costume, and chaotic effect within a traditional family structure. In June 2017, the Babadook trended on Twitter and has been recognised as a symbol for the LGBT community during this year’s Pride month.

Fence Art project:

Fence art created by IW artist and Greenham Common ‘craftivist’ Elspeth Moore, who will be running a family arts drop-in at the Sand Kingdom alongside IW Pride sponsor the Needles and their rainbow sand-filling stall in the Main Arena.

Background: The IW Pride site has a fence around it for the day, and a corner of it has been put aside to commemorate 50 years of protest marches and activities that Pride communities all over the world have organised in order to fight for equal rights.  As a child in the 1980s Elspeth was taken to the Greenham Common site by her mother and joined in the ‘craftivism’ activities on site. The IW Pride Fence Art project is designed for public contribution on the 15th July – come along and make fence art with Elspeth based on the IW Pride theme #LoveWins.

Pride wedding dress:

Installation created by IW artist Donna Jones MBE, who will also be running a spoken word corner event in the Pride Village tea tent with redTIE Youth Theatre members and other performers.

Background: Wedding dresses have historically been associated with heterosexual marriages. With the acceptance of gay marriage within UK law for gay couples, wedding dresses have been re-appropriated as a symbol of #LOVE WINS within the LGBT community. Donna has linked with the different LGBT groups on the Isle of Wight through writing workshops on the IW Pride theme of #LOVE WINS. Individual stories and poems are written onto a full-sized paper sewing pattern that has been stitched to form an actual wedding dress.

Wishing Tree interactive art project:

Interactive digital installation containing sound & visual recordings by students from Medina College and IW Breakout Youth – on 15th July this will be stewarded by redTIE Youth Theatre interviewers to collect contributions from IW Pride visitors.

Background: Interactive QR codes containing links to spoken word and musical recordings on the IW Pride theme of #LoveWins, collated by IW artist & Pride Art Manager Jo Kori, will be hung from the Wishing Tree in the Pride Village. IW Pride visitors will be able to scan these QR codes with their mobiles to gain access to YouTubes of these recordings, and will be invited on the day to continue to contribute (video/audio). Post-IW Pride, the Wishing Tree and visitor recordings will be uploaded to an online portal with public access.


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