End of a long and varied week in sight….

IMG_7889.JPGWhat an exciting week for IWPride its been, we have finally been able to release exciting news about the Rainbow Gala Dinner which promises to be a fantastic evening and I really cannot wait! Miss Jason always leaves me in tears, sometimes by her quick wit and loving humour, sometimes with her amazing vocal talents!

It will be great to catch up with Kat Kai Kol-Kes again, we spent a brilliant crisp spring day walking along Ryde Esplanade back in Feb and she won me over! She’s an amazing human being with a passion and energy for life! She also taught me that I know absolutely ZILCH about African geography!

Cormac De Barra is coming to stay at ours! And will be lulling me to sleep with his Harp and his Irish accent! Heaven!

Having a full time job, full time dog, being Chair of Governors for two large colleges whilst trying to revise for two important exams leaves me with very little time to sit and chill. I fill the rest in with attempting to do what I can to help make Pride as successful as it can possibly be.

This week has been no different to any others, except with work being so busy, I have felt the stresses of life. This makes my Sulley Dog an amazing treat and to be able to wander along Appley beach, with a creature that is excited by lifes simple pleasures, really is a fantastic tonic against the backdrop of stressful times.

I would encourage and discourage people to get into school Governance in equal measure. It CAN be the most rewarding experience and varied experience, whilst also being stressful and upsetting, when all we want is the upmost best for our young people, setting them up for the big wide world in the best possible way.

As for Pride, when I do get some down time, there are lots of exciting plans being hatched and things being put into reality. A sponsored bike ride, a weekend camping and outdoor lads experience but to name a few, alongside the eagerly awaited Gala Dinner, the BIG summer event on 15th July is shaping up to be a really BIG deal!

In the meantime, I will raise a bottle of beer to an amazing team of people working hard to make PRIDE happen on the Island. No individual can do it all and as with other areas of my life, the team can sometimes face challenges, but its the hard work that makes things happen!

Cheers everyone xxx


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