Pride and Blognovice

So my fellow IW Pride Committee members have convinced me to join in with our new blog all about Pride.  You’d think being in my late 40s that blogging would be something that I would have been really au fait with but no, I am a Blog novice.   An avid Facebooker, less frequent tweeter and having only just discovered the joy of face altering on Snapchat, blogging has never really been on my radar.

I ask myself, is it like writing a diary?  Something that I have never really been disciplined enough to do and the purpose of which is probably to unburden issues or write down your inner thoughts – definitely not a diary then!  A place to share my experiences of all things IW Pride related seems to be the ticket.  

I joined the Committee as Treasurer in January 2017 just as we were dealing with the unexpected massive interest in Iw Pride because of a local media furore.  The support and positivity that we received as a result gave us all the resolve to work harder than ever to make the first IW Pride happen and an event to remember for all the right reasons.

The launch in February was fantastic and helped us to raise much needed funds towards all the costs involved with putting on a free event.  Personally, having a glitter beard was a new life experience and one which hung around for a few days with shiny dots appearing in the most unexpected of places, despite vigorous scrubbing with a nailbrush.   It was so good to see so many people enjoying the performances and music put on for free by all those artists who took part.  

After the party, which exceeded all our expectations in terms of fund raising, comes the serious business of finding more money.  It is clear that there will be very little public money to help us but we are getting great support from unions and local businesses and hope to bring in some key sponsors to help with the costs of the day.   There will be many more fund raising events happening up until the big day on 15th July – I really hope to meet you at one or all of these.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way to give to IW Pride we have launched our new website which incorpates a link to Just Giving an easy way to give – as they say ‘every little helps’.

We are all working hard to spread the word about IW Pride and today I was waiting eagerly to receive our printed leaflet, coming to a business or information point near you soon.  It looks great and I am really pleased with how the design, which I pulled together, has turned out.  Grab one to find more about what we are planning.

Ok so blogging it turns out is not so strange after all – hope you enjoyed reading and check back for more.



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