Too many emails and square eyes…

In order to make IW Pride as successful as it can be and for it reach its full potential we need a number of properties all to be present and In place by the big day 15th July 2017. Namely a site, people to attend and then the paper stuff to pay for all the amazing things we want to provide for our Proud Pride Island. Of course there is more than just this to do in fact the more you look at it the to do list is never ending. 

Today my day was spent tapping away at my laptop with a steady supply of tea, some not so healthy snacks and a dog seeking my attention. 

I was tapping away, getting the website in a good place to expand and adding more information. I was also sending out lots and lots of emails trying to get local businesses onboard in hope that some support from our lovely islanders will help our Pride dream become a reality. 

The whole team, the committee, the working groups and our newly appointed Events Operations Team are all working mega hard to achieve this big dream for you all. And it’s great! It’s satisfying seeing some results. But we have lots more to do.

Are we mad? Not at all, we know we can do this!

See you on the other side…
Matt xx 


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