Social Media @IWPride spreads its wings!


As with anything in life, sometimes our best laid plans don’t always go as we may wish. This was very much the case in the early days of setting up social media accounts for IWPride!

There was a plan, a neat timetable that allowed us to discuss, take stock and do things in a timely manner. Sadly, a columnist decided to put their own view about Pride into the public domain. Whilst shocking and a challenging read, we did not quite expect the local and indeed National reaction!

Our plan was out the window! Suddenly a lot of eyes were on us and people were frantically wishing to tweet, retweet, tag in Facebook and look for further information and ways of contacting and interacting with Pride.

Overnight, we created our social media presence swiftly but rather unplanned. Fortunately, with experienced people involved, a professional and natural presence appeared online which people immediately connected and interacted with!

Our social media platforms are, and will continue to be, a vital tool in promoting Pride, spreading details of events and gaining support!

Already, we have seen a number of people volunteer their time, turn up to organised events and show an interest in Pride. Now we need to build on this and continue to interact in new and innovative ways that continue to entice new people to our platforms, whilst continuing to engage those already following us.

Plans won’t always be stuck to, we will be flexible and respond to current affairs. We won’t always get it right, but we will always aim to be positive, reasoned and fair and will always respond to requests and comments!

Please spread the word of all of IWPride social platforms and please please please continue to engage and socially interact with us!

Much Love!

Social media team

IWPride xx


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